"Do As Little As Possible As Much As Possible"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The trick to aging gracefully- do as little as possible as much as possible.

Did you hear this on TODAY the other day?  Kathie Lee was talking about her dermatologist's recommendation for youthful looking skin.

I love this lesson!  And I live it everyday!  I am in my 30's- the perfect time to start a more pro-active approach for graceful aging. I don't necessarily need any major procedures, but if I keep a good skincare routine, using effective products like hyaluronic serums, retinols and an occasional chemical peel, I can hold off on the more invasive procedures.

That's the great thing about today's topical treatments!  Surgeons are seeing a major shift from invasive surgical procedures to topical treatments because the quality of these products has increased greatly!  Invest in a few staple topical creams, buy a package of chemical peels (two times a year is fine, once a season is great, once a quarter is ideal!), and you will be on your way to maintaining your youthful appearance!

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Weekly Workout Motivation

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Happy Monday everyone!  Here is a sneak peak to this week's workout schedule!  

This Weeks Workout Goals:
Monday- 20 min run outdoors (This warm weather is great!)
Tuesday- Rest 
Wednesday- Gym- 30mins on treadmill.  Arms.
Thurday- Eat Turkey!
Friday- Try to motivate and get off the couch for a slow post turkey trot
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

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Make Your Shower Your Sanctuary

Thursday, November 20, 2014

If you are a busy mom like me, your showers are probably an exercise in efficiency.  After many attempts at hiding from my kids in the shower, I soon realized there was no escape so I eventually learned how to shower in under 5 minutes flat- while it's impressive, it's also, well, sad.

Now that my kids are old enough (sort of) to keep themselves entertained in my childproof (sort of) upstairs, I've allowed myself a few more minutes of shower indulgence- opting to outfit my salle de bain with some stellar beauty brands (that won't break the bank)!

Here are my shower perks! Do you have any to share?

  1. Kate Somerville Exfolikate* (note: this stuff is GOOD.  Like REALLY REALLY GOOD.  Go easy with it and use once or twice a week!)
  2. Ivory with Aloe- I absolutely love the fresh scent of Ivory body wash and now that we are in the winter months, I'll take any soap that has Aloe or extra moisturization properties!
  3. Vitamin E Oil- you.know.this.  I swear by this and I have even added a THIRD bottle to my bedside. 
  4. Jergen's Natural Glow- because nothing makes winter worse than having pale winter skin.
  5. Aquaphor- I use this on my lips.  It started out as a "Diaper Bag Beauty" essential and now it is part of my post-shower pampering!

*I am a huge loyalist when it comes to Kate Somerville products.  I use plenty of the fancy schmancy med-spa quality stuff but Kate Somerville's products always leave me impressed and really enable consumers to bring the spa experience home with them.  Big thumbs up for her products from this mama!

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

Do you have any beauty tips that you want to share with other busy moms!  Send them to katekarmama@gmail.com.  I'll give them a try and share!

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Do you Dare to Dermaplane?!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This polar vortex is already doing a number on my skin!  I am staying loyal to my skincare rituals, but I am fearful of what this winter weather will bring!

Scrolling through some of my media mailings, I saw a note about Dermaplaning.  I've heard about this procedure, but something about a razor grazing off the top layer of my skin kind of turned me off.

However, as that top layer of skin hardens and dulls with winter's effects, I think I might reconsider. Here's a blurb on dermaplaning from The Plastic Surgery Group of Albany, NY.


This gentle skin resurfacing procedure exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells. A special surgical blade is gently and carefully run across the surface of the skin. In addition to promoting skin cell renewal, dermaplaning improves penetration of professional and home products for the skin. Dermaplaning also removes facial hair, making it a great way to get rid of "peach fuzz." As with many of our services, we recommend a series of dermaplaning treatments to maximize results.

Would you try it...hmm...maybe I should wait until spring and "shave away" winter's damage!
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