Gearing Up For Race Day!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

This Sunday I will be running a half marathon that I feel completely unprepared for.  I hate to say that because I think really what I am doing is managing my own expectations and making proactive excuses for a bad performance.

It is what it is and I will do my best and own my level of preparedness.  I just hope I finish!!

So here is to some good tapering over the next few days and a good race day!!

And at the very least, it is 13.1 miles of peace and quiet!
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New Skincare Goal

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wear more make up.  That's my goal.  I acknowledge that just the other day I was sharing the TODAY Show data that suggested a few makeup free days are better for your skin.  This data makes me feel better about the fact that sometimes I just don't have the energy!

But on the days when I can pull it all together (nothing over the top- tinted moisturizer/sunscreen, bronzer, blush, mascara), I feel like I have some element of control in my otherwise chaotic life!!

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Great "Skinsights" from PCA Skin Care

Friday, April 17, 2015

Last night I needed to refuel my "skintelligence".  I plugged in a few google search terms, stumbled upon some very interesting (albeit outdated) articles, like this one and began to peel through the inter web for more skin savvy science.

I want to dig deeper to find more scientific intel about skincare and healthful aging- in other words, I want to know more than the "what to use" on my skin and more about the "why to use it".

I navigated myself to an Allure microsite (maybe?) for PCA Skincare- Skin Better.

Of course the title had me immediately, but I was discouraged when I saw the commerce element and thought that this site was a promotional bust....UNTIL I saw the Skin 101 blog roll.

The content is top notch!  Really great intel from doctors and industry experts.  There are actionable tips that you can do everyday along with information on the more in-depth skincare practices that you can do in a doctor's office.  I was really impressed.

The format is fantastic too.  As I scrolled down I could focus on the skincare areas that were relevant to my own personal challenges- For example, insights on retinol- Yes, please!  Great Skin Brightening Ingredients- Not yet.

Last night was my first experience with this site and I am curious to see how quickly content is updated/generated- looks like it was last updated about 4 weeks ago.  I'll keep an eye on it in the hopes that more breaking beauty news will be shared!

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Motivation Monday (except it's Tuesday....)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

So in between the crazy chaos that is parenthood, I have some pretty lofty career ambitions- ones that seem way too impressive to wrap my head around, but ones that I am dedicated to nonetheless.  I am really hoping for some Quirky movement- how amazing and fun would THAT be.  And a very close second (if not tied for first) ambition is to be a beauty brand ambassador for QVC.  I am currently on the Beauty Guest Host roster, but I am desperately hoping to be paired with the ideal brand- a good match!

When I get so busy with my current situation- children's schedules, chores, and activities (one that I embrace with humility and gratitude), I sometimes get a little cagey and dig around the inter webs for opportunities that might help support my larger goals.

I've had castings and content-shares with National Geographic (Brian Games), October Films (Confidential Pilot),, along with a few smaller publications.

But every now and again I reach a crossroads.  Sometimes it seems that there just isn't any traction.  Or worse, there was so much momentum and all was exciting and great and hopeful...but then radio silence.  Not necessarily in terms of bookings, more in terms of audition opportunities.  I find nothing more thrilling than discovering a casting, submitting my materials, and spending the next few days full of incredible optimism.  Honestly, the only thing better than the audition/application process would be the booking process!!

So when I am feeling discouraged and a little ping of self-doubt starts to creep in, I sometimes have to take a minute to find out if I have the motivation....what is the best move for me, my family.  Should I "walk away or try harder".  Luckily, as I've mentioned before, I am terminally ambitious.  So the answer is ALWAYS.  ALWAYS....

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